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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Preventing Windows 8 from Automatically Launching Browser on Network Connection | Solutions

With the newer version of Microsoft's Windows Operating System- Windows 8, its users are experiencing newer and more advanced features than the older versions. But, at the same time they may have been facing with some of the strange troubles.

One such issue is that Windows 8 automatically launches its default browser upon the the internet connection. To some users it may be helpful as they need not to open the browser and especially for users in a LAN provided by some institutions such as University, it may be the sign of avialability of the internet connection. But, for most of the users such as those posting in Microsoft's Community Page, it may be really problematic. 

"Windows is launching the following link in Internet Explorer:

which leads to Bing. When I enable my internet connection Bing will popup from time to time. When I disable Internet Explorer via the Windows Features, the link will open in Mozilla Firefox."

So, the steps that I followed for solving this issue are given: