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R is considered to be the language of statisticians which has wide applicability in the data visualization world. It contains a high ‘‘you need to know what you are doing’’ content, and its application requires a considerable amount of logical thinking. As statisticians, it is easy to sit in an ivory tower and expect the life scientist to knock on our door and ask to learn our language. This tutorial aims to make that language as simple as possible.

We try to provide the tutorials making you learn basics of R language.

CONTENTS: Learn Basics of R

[1] Overview & History
[2] Data Types and Basic Data Types (Subsetting)
[3] Vectorized Operations
[4] Reading & Writing Data
[5] Setting Your Working Directory and Editing R Code (Windows)
[6] The str Function
[7] Control Structures
[8] Functions
[9] Scoping Rules
[10] Optimizating Application
[11] The loop Functions
[12] The apply Functions
[13] The tapply and split Functions
[14] The mapply Functions
[15] Debugging
[16] Simulation
[17] Plotting with Base Graphics
[18] Plotting with Lattice Graphics
[19] Plotting and Color
[20] Regular Expressions
[21] Regular Expressions in R
[22] Classes & Methods in R
[23] Introduction to Oracle R Enterprise (ORE)

"Have fun with programming in R!!"

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