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In this page, you can download the research papers related to different fields of Computer Engineering for free. The purpose of this page is to make it a central hub for research papers and help the students doing research projects in their respective fields.

[1] Speech Processing

      A. Speech Coding & Phoneme Classification Using Matlab
      B. Design of Speaker Recognition System with MATLAB Code
      C. Design of Matlab Based Automatic Speaker Recognition (ASR) and Control System
      D. Speech Recognition with Dynamic Time Warping
      E. Hidden Markov Model (HMM) & Applications in Speech Recognition

[2] Big Data Technologies

     A. The Google File System By Sanjay Ghemawat,
     B. MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing in Large Clusters By Jeffrey Dean, et. al.

[3] Oracle R Enterprise: Learning R Series 

     By: Mark Hornick, Senior Manager, Development
     Oracle Advanced Analytics
     A. Introduction to Oracle's R Technologies and Oracle R Enterprise 1.3
     B. Oracle R Enterprise 1.3 Transparency Layer
     C. Oracle R Enterprise 1.3 Embedded R Execution
     D. Oracle R Enterprise 1.3 Predictive Analytics
     E. Oracle R Enterprise 1.3 Integrating R Results and Images with OBIEE Dashboards
     F. Oracle R Connector for Hadoop 2.0 New features and Use Cases

[4] Data Mining
     A. Tourism Market Segmentation in Context of Nepal
               - By: Jivan Nepali, Narayan Pd. Kandel                

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