C/C++ Engineering Projects with Full Source Code| Free Download

Download the full source codes of mini projects for engineering students in Bachelor level or other college levels:

[1] Campus  Library Management Mini Project                                                Download



[2] Hostel Management System                                                                         Download

          [3] Hospital Management System                                                                       Download

         [4] ATM Simulator                                                                                              Download

         [5] Tic-Tac-Toe Game                                                                                         Download

         [6] Computer Graphics Project

              This project is mainly devised to implement some of the important algorithms in computer graphics.              
              It mainly explains about the following algorithms in computer graphics:
              A. 3D Transformations: Translation, Rotation, Scaling              
              B. Scan-line Conversion
              C. Line clipping - Liang Barsky
              D. Bezier Surface
              E. Gouraud Shading Modeling
              F. Visible surface determination- Backface Detection
              G. Parallel & Oblique Projections
              Platform: Borland C++ Builder 6.0